Meet a Pastor: Rodney Hole

Posted onJune 22, 2017 | by: Mark Tibben | 0 comments

In this series "Meet a Pastor," we get to know FECA pastors, their Churches, and what God has been doing in their neck of the woods. In this edition, we are hearing from Rodney Hole of Village Church. ...Keep Reading

Thinking about Evangelism Strategy: Community Groups

Posted onNovember 10, 2016 | by: Dan Saunders | 0 comments

"Our spiritual inertia and apathy to the lost, together with the joy and ease of fellowship with other believers, means it's always an effort to keep a focus on evangelism." How do we inspire, encourage and empower those within our Churches to be sharing the gospel? Dan Saunders of Arkhouse Church shares his thoughts. ...Keep Reading

Touch Not God's Annointed

Posted onMay 19, 2016 | by: Tim Loftis | 0 comments

Is a Christian leader who has been called by God ever above accountability? Pastor Tim Loftis writes on the lessons he has learnt about accountability....Keep Reading