Healthy Churches

November 22, 2013 | by: Greg Gardiner | 0 comments

Recently, a number of FECA pastors in Brisbane were privileged to have lunch with visiting Pastor, Randy Pope from Perimeter Church in Atlanta USA. During the course of the lunch, Randy shared the following 12 characteristics he has observed in churches that are healthy:

1. They embark on a journey of faith.

2. They choose influence over success.

3. The embrace ministries of the head, heart and hand.

4. They are intentional about making mature and equipped followers of Christ, who make mature and equipped followers of Christ.

5. They equip their people to appropriate the power of the Holy Spirit.

6. They emphasise the marriage of grace and duty.

7. They destroy the ministry idols of tradition and preference.

8. They don't compromise spiritual nutrition for the sake of simplicity and growth.

9. They provide healthy environments for worship and feeding rather than environments for entertainment and self-help inspiration.

10. They correctly steward the keys to the Kingdom and the sacraments.

11. They underscore all their teaching with the realities of the authentic gospel and of Christ as the only hope of glory.

12. They allow their pastor to focus on shepherding through his teaching, leading and equipping.


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